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Make your offer competitive in evolving markets

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Activate larger audiences

Our crowdsourced database combines your network data with other like minded professionals to augment your potential reach.

Research your target's most urgent needs with our marketing framework based on current social data.

Focus on hit questions

People listen when you address a problem they experience deeply.

With colonelle, extract the questions that get a community engaged and punch through the algorithm.

1766 people engaged with
How to create positive impact on a global scale? (8)
Could we shape a better world for all? (6)
What will be the impact of sustainability on civilizations? (7)
How do I advocate for the democratisation of AI? (5)

Take action

Identify key players in your market, like competitors or potential partners and compare their Ideal Customer Profiles with yours.

Should you compete head first? Should you partner up or can you differentiate enough?

Receive contextual tips and take appropriate action

Fred profile
Fred Rossi
Monaco Grand Prix Champion | Brand Ambassador | Motivational Speaker
In general, this type of person has the following responsibilities
Team leadership
Manages sponsor relations
Brand promotion
Public speaking

The best AI experience for generating copy

The fundamental building block for content is text: Write script for videos, linkedin carousels or posts.

Associate battle tested OpenAi prompts with your data to generate copy that feels like you, and converts readers into loyal clients.

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Respectful of your Linkedin account

Colonelle is not an automation tool, and will not scrape your cookies. This means that using our service will not cause Linkedin to restrict your account.

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